musings of an aquarian age counterculturist

Suitcases: A Lesson

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Belongings in boxes

Logistics discussed

Keys returned

Eyes met

Tears Shed

Hugs shared

Goodbyes spoken

Door closed behind me

I stumble toward the elevator

Struggling moving heavy suitcases

For the first time in awhile

With no offer of assistance

No backward glance


My knee protesting

My heart breaking

I reach the lobby

Tears rolling

Breath short

A hand reaches out

A smile touches my heart

As a caring voice offers the words

Dear lady let me help you

this is too much for you to manage

I hesitate

And then release

Accepting with thanks

as the burden I carry is lifted with ease by another

and  placed into the trunk of a car

I look upward and cry openly

I breathe deeply and centre

And as I shift my gaze ahead

I step forward and away











Author: eleventhbeatnik

aquarian age counterculturist

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