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In Between

The sun is gone. But I have a light. | Kurt Cobain

I am faltering at times on what appears to be unsafe ground.

Sometimes my footsteps are heavy, and I navigate the space between earth and roots.

Other times my footsteps are light, and I hover in the ethers, floating disconnectedly far and away.

Illusions are sometimes confused with reality.

And logic has nothing to do with love.

Yet here I am.  Alone but not lonely.  Wandering but not lost.  Heartbroken but not unloved.

Yes. I am faltering on what appears to be unsafe ground. But I am righting myself, finding an unexpected steadiness, in the balancing act of that struggle.

As I step forward into the depths of the In Between, I see that I unconsciously made a choice to avoid falling down the rabbit hole. The deep, unforgiving pit of depression.

As I move through the In Between, that old rabbit hole is covered.  I am fully present and reaching upward toward the light.  I will not lose myself. Not this time.

I am surrounded by twinkling stars and moonlight.

And the view is beautiful, from a place where I can truly see.

Author: eleventhbeatnik

aquarian age counterculturist

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