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Music: A Life.


Music expresses that which cannot be said
and on which it is impossible to be silent.
Victor Hugo

Writing 101:  Day 3

Music is pure expression of the soul and unlocks meaning in as many unique ways as there are unique people.   The ability to create music is an art form like no other.  Lacking the skill to create music myself, I enjoy it through the perception of intricately choreographed poetry and story-telling in motion.  To experience crystalline language of the heart expressed through sound is simply exquisite, in its many varied forms.

Choosing only three songs that are important to me is beyond difficult.  So rather than focus on weeding out three of innumerable favourite songs based on genre or content, I am carving out a few tunes mirroring areas of my life that are looming large these days.

Like A Stone

Last year, the entire foundation of my life shook and crumbled.  Everything I thought was true, everything I trusted, everything I invested in emotionally cracked and dissolved.  Arising from the ashes, I looked around at what was left of the life I knew and recognized nothing.  The ground I was left standing on was in fact a cold floor where I lay prostrate sobbing uncontrollably.

Slowly but surely, time did its thing.  Healing began, clarity revealed a different perspective, and understanding led to recognition.  I looked at the world around me with different eyes. The old cracked foundation revealed a newer, stronger, truer one.

And standing firmly on that foundation, like a stone, were the beginnings of something new, amazing and wonderful.  All firmly rooted in patience, love and integrity.

In your house I long to be
Room by room patiently
I’ll wait for you there like a stone

It is a gift that moves me beyond words and I am grateful for every moment.

Om Namah

This is a mantra, and it makes my heart sing, so I am also classifying it as a song.

To understand more about my personal connection to this mantra, you can find it all here:  Mantra Magic

She Used To Love Me A Lot

As a young girl, I often visited my grandparents on their farm in rural Manitoba.  I have many fond memories of sitting around their kitchen table with tea and homemade sweets.  Even better, the privilege of sitting at the “grown-up’s” table did not imply an expectation that I would be seen and not heard.  I was included in the conversation as if I were an adult, even though my feet still swung from the chair, barely sweeping the floor.  I loved it.

My grandmother adored music and often had it playing full tilt on an old record player while doing household chores.  She introduced me to a variety of musicians that she loved, most of which I never really cared for at that age, but I sang along all the same basking in her enjoyment.  Johnny Cash was often in rotation.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that I came to understand that although often branded a country singer, his artistry transcended genre.  He was a storyteller of the best kind and I grew to appreciate his skill.

In memory of my grandmother, and in gratitude for her sharing a part of herself with me through music, I’d like to give you a tiny glimpse of who she was.  See that smokin’ hot mischievous brunette at the top of the pic with the gorgeous smile?  That’s Rachel.  I miss her like crazy.

photo credit: eleventhbeatnik

photo credit: eleventhbeatnik

And here’s a little Johnny C. to remember her by.




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7 thoughts on “Music: A Life.

  1. I love the quote at the beginning of the post and the picture. 🙂 nice job 🙂

  2. Like a stone, as long as necessary ❤

  3. That is one of my favorite Victor Hugo quotes…
    And what a great way to approach this challenge. Music so intertwines in my life I’ve been struggling to come up with three, I like how you just selected ones that represented moments that are speaking to you just now.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great clip by Jonny C. Fitting tribute to your grandmother. Nice piece, well organized.