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Travelling Light

I’m packed.

That statement is so multi-layered it deserves to be a standalone paragraph.

I am the worst packer.  I always think it will take less time than it does, and I chronically leave it to the last possible moment.  Mostly because laundry has to be done before anything goes into the suitcase.  Then when items do start getting tossed into the bag, it becomes pretty much a free for all.  I am usually so undecided on what to take it feels easier to take everything.  Which is so crazy on so many levels.  There *are* laundry facilities where I’m staying.  There *are* stores where I’m going.  There *won’t* be a crisis if I forget my pj’s or the toothpaste.  It’s New York City for gawdssakes – I could go with a carry-on or less and get by just fine.

To further highlight the inherent ridiculousness around this dilemma, all I need to do is look at my travel history.  I inevitably take a huge bulging bag full of crap that has been tossed together largely on the premise of “just in case”.  Just in case it gets cold at night I’ll take this sweater.  Wait this sweater is kind of light, I better take a heavier one too.  And on it goes.

So what is this packing problem all about?  I think it comes down to this:  Fear.  Trying to cover off all contingencies is basically a lack of conviction that what I need will be available when I need it.  Ergo:  Fear.

I’m packed.

And I’m too tired to start unpacking for the sake of packing light(er).  What’s done is done.  There’s always next time, as they say.

All that said, I think its interesting to note that while my suitcase is heavy and in danger of being overweight, my heart is light.  My spirit is soaring.  The wonderful thing is that while my suitcase may very well be full of crap, I’m consciously leaving some baggage behind.  This journey is all about rising above, passing through and opening up to a future of infinite possibilities.  It is about my well-being and doing what makes my soul sing in a place that energizes and inspires me.

My suitcase is heavy, no question. But I’m travelling light.

More later.  From New York.

Packing Light

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