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Leonard Cohen.  One of my favourite bards.
These particular lyrics are reverberating in my heart today.

“And even though it all went wrong,
I’ll stand right here before the Lord of song,
with nothing on my tongue but ‘Hallelujah’.”

It’s, as I say, a desire to affirm my faith in life,
not in some formal religious way
but with enthusiasm, with emotion…
It’s a rather joyous song.
I wanted to write something in the tradition
of the hallelujah choruses but from
a different point of view…
It’s the notion that there is no perfection—
that this is a broken world and
we live with broken hearts and broken lives
but still that is no alibi for anything.
On the contrary, you have to stand up
and say hallelujah under those circumstances.

~ Leonard Cohen

In that spirit, here are two beautiful renditions.

Author: eleventhbeatnik

aquarian age counterculturist

2 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. Thank you for the reminder on this rainy Monday morning. When I was pulled from the river and spent three days in the small mental ward of the hospital, I sat on the even smaller patio and listened while another broken soul sang the lyrics to that song. There is so much beauty even in the broken or maybe especially because of the broken.