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Ode to Halloween

Dear Halloween:

This thank you note is long overdue.

Yes, it is pretty much guaranteed that you will never read this (you are a cat); and in all likelihood you really don’t care (you are a cat).  A cool cat, but a cat nonetheless.  Clearly then, this is more for my benefit than yours.

You adopted me at an animal sanctuary in NY.   At the precise moment I needed sanctuary myself, you rescued me.  This, to me, is living poetry.

You wait for me at the door when I arrive home from work.  Dog lovers think they have the edge on this, but as you and I know, cats are capable of so much more than the stereotype reveals.  If, of course, said cat likes you.  Or feels like it.

You allow me to cry all over your fur when I’m upset.  When the tears dry, you graciously pretend not to notice that my face looks like a puffy cotton ball.

You reach up for a hug when I’ve been out of your sight for a little too long.

You vocalize your feelings.  Pleasure.  Displeasure.  Basically you are not afraid to demonstrate that you like the sound of your own voice.

You sleep on my feet on cool winter nights when it feels like I’ll never warm up.

You do not judge me when I become fat. Or depressed. Or hormonal.

You are a constant source of smiles and a consistent inspiration for love.  Even when the rest of my life feels like it has gone off the rails on the Express Train of Shit.

You are my anchor.

You are loyal.

You are a character.

You are family.

You are an angel in a catsuit.

You are the best.  I love you.


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aquarian age counterculturist

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