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When Hindsight is Foresight

Nothing brings up the sense of intense discomfort or mind-blowing insight (or both!) quite like re-reading an old bit of writing.  Circumstances and perspectives are constantly changing so looking back can sometimes feel like trying on a pair of jeans once loved but are now way too tight.

Today I came across a piece that I wrote back in February 2009.  It was in response to one of those endless “answer and pass along to 10 friends” emails.  My habit was (and is) generally to auto-junk stuff like that.  For whatever reason, I gave this one some expression time.  Interesting to me is that aside from possibly #11 and #23, the observations made then stand today.   It amuses me that this is pretty much a testament to a myriad of my quirks and smirks, compiled neatly in one list.  Here’s what I wrote:

25 Random Things About Me

  1. I have it on personal authority that Michael Jackson’s excuse of suddenly becoming “light” skinned is not due to vitilago. I know it because I have it. Four small pure white marks: one on each knee and ankle. There is NO WAY MJ uniformly lost pigment!!!
  2. Sources say that the “Harrington’s of England” were generally rum runners, pirates and horse thieves. Well…some of us had to have some fun right?
  3. I have worn every size of pants between 4-14 between the ages of 20 and 41.
  4. Glasses have been an extension of my face since I was 14. Contacts are a big pain in the ass and I’m not getting surgery until the day there is 100% guarantee it will work without still needing reading glasses. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  5. I’m a commitment-phobe and one of my biggest fears in life is to feel trapped or stuck.
  6. I was a vegan in my heart long before I chose that path in life.
  7. The only reason I never joined Greenpeace is that I could never quite envision myself tied naked to a tree swatting away flies. But…I happily sponsored someone else to do it for me.
  8. Lenny Kravitz consistently turns me on.
  9. When I was around 14 my friend Kathryn and I decided to take my parents’ car for a joyride. We backed out of the driveway and realized the car was out of gas.
  10. I am very spiritual in a non-traditional way. Into the mystic so to speak. And it has nothing to do with organized religion.
  11. Despite my non-traditional life, I would still consider marriage in the right circumstances.
  12. Every single time I travel over the Brooklyn bridge toward Manhattan I get tingles.
  13. Jane Goodall is my hero.
  14. On my 40th birthday I felt as though my “real” life was finally beginning. I was right.
  15.  Generally I am a serious reader, but I admit to reading Diana Gabaldon’s fluffy time traveller series 3 times. And I could read it again.
  16. My dream is to travel the world meeting people of all cultures and backgrounds, learning from the old world masters.
  17. When I was in school I always wanted to be a journalist. I looked up to Mike Wallace until the day he sold out on the “Big Tobacco” story.
  18. The documentary “Earthlings” changed my life forever.
  19. My dad always said “if you can dance, you can drive a stick”. I still can’t dance, and I still can’t drive a stick.
  20. Most of my decisions are made by answering yes or no to the question “Will I regret it if I don’t try this?”
  21. Sometimes I think an eyelift might be a really good idea.
  22. I have an irrational fear of bees. Yet snakes, spiders and rats are no biggie.
  23. When I leave the apartment I double check that I locked the door 3 times. Every time.
  24. The day I got hit by the taxi I truly woke up to the fact life is too short to fuck around.
  25. When I think that things could not possibly get worse, I remember that I once thought Leif Garrett was my soul mate. A little comedy goes a long way.


Have you done this exercise before?  If not, go ahead and try it.  Write out 25 things about your life that come to mind in a stream of consciousness.  File it away.  Who knows, maybe a few years from now you will stumble across it and realize the same thing.  Hindsight is sometimes also foresight.


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