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The Invisibles


So Prince Charming turned out to be a less than charming in the end.

As I move through the varying levels of grief that inevitably accompany a rite of passage; or in this case, the end of a significant relationship, I am forcing myself to address much that I would prefer to bury or ignore.

Before I met my best-friend-then-husband-turned-betrayer, by and large I felt that for the most part I was one of the walking “invisibles” of this world.  Inconsequential.  Insignificant. Unseen.

That perception dissipated as I allowed myself to trust and be free in a relationship with someone I loved.  When that relationship ended in a painful and unexpected way, my sense of trust was stretched and broken.  We’ve all been there, right?  Well maybe.  But collective wrongs don’t make a right.  Right?   Just sayin’.

And now, here I am again, at first blush, seemingly back where I started. Feeling invisible.  Noticing that few will even make eye contact.  Conversations out in the world for the most part feel stilted and limited.  Sanitized of meaning and connection.  I also recognize that this perception is coloured by my current state of confusion and uncertainty of the new ground I find myself standing on.

So now is the time of reckoning.  I am ditching the invisibility cloak.  Kicking judgment to the curb.

Life:  to you, I say:  surprise me!  (or show me how to surprise myself.)   Reveal the unseen, including me.  As the healing continues; please (please!) help me grow courage to understand and accept the lessons offered here.  Show me how to accept what is; so that my eyes and heart will be open to see the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

I’m ready.  Lead the way.


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aquarian age counterculturist

5 thoughts on “The Invisibles

  1. Here’s to you discovering your own brilliant visibility in this sometimes-painful world. Here’s to you believing in your own importance. Here’s to your self-found evolution and self-created sense of belonging, visibility, and power. 🙂

  2. May you continue to believe all that Love has whispered about you…You are wonderful, you are relevant, you matter too! Continued wisdom, strength, and courage through the process, bless!