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Shut Up and Hold My Hand


This weekend has been all about “spring” cleaning.  De-cluttering.  Unloading.  Refreshing.

Packing up “stuff” that had existed in purgatory awaiting tomorrow to begin.  Sifting through memorabilia undeserving of remembrance.  Sorting through representations of dreams that will never be realized.  Grieving the death of a future pre-empted of an opportunity to unfold in its full potential.

In this moment, I am reminded of the time I spent helping my mother decide what to keep and what to give away after my father died in a car accident.  Then and now, there is no escaping the painful reality of separation and loss, particularly when an ending is bomb-dropped in a brutal and unexpected way.  I had to be strong then.  I am determined to be strong now.

So here I am.  Spring cleaning a life that I never for one moment thought would need a “clean sweep”.  Isn’t that always the way?

There are a million things that could be said.  So much wisdom available.  I appreciate the kindness and support more than I can fully articulate here.

But please.  Just for today:  shut up and hold my hand.


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aquarian age counterculturist

5 thoughts on “Shut Up and Hold My Hand

  1. And since this leaves a free hand, let it be firmly, gently held as well.

  2. Hello Jill…I am just back from two months in Africa and some things have shifted ever since. One thing is my cluttered life, and more specifically, the excess. We spent the weekend doing exactly what you did. I get it.