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Safe? Screw that.

“Safety” defined:  free from hurt, injury, danger or risk.

In my own experience this translates to:  free from discomfort, uncertainty, fear.

Probably not coincidentally, here I am moving through emotional pain, overall discomfort, general uncertainty, paralyzing fear.

Yet unexpected moments of pure pleasure showed up today.  I laughed.  I felt optimistic.  I experienced hope.

The beauty of overcoming fear long enough to recognize the abundance of magic right here and now is the miracle of being fully present in the moment.

Does that mean I feel any “safer” as a result of this newly evolving consciousness?  Nope.   Safe?  Screw that!

In this moment I am hopeful and I am grateful.  That, all on its own, is an incredible gift.

Safe Screw That

Author: eleventhbeatnik

aquarian age counterculturist

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