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What Do You See in Fur Trim?

This is a terrific ad campaign currently running on the subway in Toronto:Image

Please support the Fur Bearer Defenders in the important and compassionate work they do by informing yourself, sharing the information and/or making a donation.  Doing a little research and reading labels can make a big impact. There are many cruelty free garment alternatives available these days. This means that every time you choose to purchase a non-animal derived product it is a direct vote against an industry driven by consumer demand.

The Campaign Page:
Fur Trim is a Trap 

Captain, My Captain


My Sweet Captain:

I cry for you.

Streaming, grieving, waters sliding down my cheeks.

There are those who opine that this flow of emotion ought to be checked and measured. The thought process goes something like this:  shouldn’t there be fewer tears because you were not human?; or should there be more tears because you were not?

No!  Grief cannot, should not, be judged in this way.  My tears simply exist.  Just as you, dear Captain, existed.  You existed, and you mattered.

May ALL beings on this earth, regardless of form, be shown far greater respect and decency than you were.

It is my greatest hope that in your last breathing hours you experienced a lifetime of love emanating from those kind souls who picked you up, held you close and did everything humanly and humanely possible to ease your suffering. May it be those memories of selfless compassion and caring that were the ones that guided you home.

And may the memory of the loving people who heard your cries and responded with their hearts always guide me in this intention:

Let us never say, “there is nothing I can do”.  Let us always ask,  “How can I help?”

Captain.  My Captain.  OUR Captain.  I cry for you.

Justice for Captain Petition