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Toronto Pig Save

After a bit of a personal burnout phase, this organization has full on reignited the fire of my inner activist.  It is the type of grassroots activism that can truly change minds and transform hearts. These are the voices that speak up with courage in the street and not under the protection and virtual anonymity of social media posts from a comfortable armchair.

I honestly haven’t been inspired to get out and demonstrate since my carriage horse and anti-seal hunt street speak days in New York.  But this has reminded me of the importance of bearing witness.  I’m hoping to attend a vigil as soon as possible.  Want to join me?

The message is simple but profound:  Try compassion on for size.  One size fits all, and it fits perfectly.

Check it out:  Toronto Pig Save


Fear, Ignorance, and Collusion: The Real Reasons Why Experts Dis’ Veganism

Courage is the willingness to examine our habits and choices even if it is uncomfortable or difficult. Illumination decimates fear. Please: always choose compassion over ignorance.


“Propaganda.”  “Brainwashing.”  “Child abuse!”

I’d never have guessed my children’s book would provoke such claims. That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, though well received, also caused some controversy, garnering attacks from the likes of animal agriculture trade magazines and even Farm Bureau CEOs. Though veganism is swiftly gaining momentum, it still provokes knee-jerk reactions—for me, each case of opposition a study of the invisible forces that shape our thinking about food, health, and animals. My upcoming children’s book, Vegan Is Love, was recently reviewed by Nicole German, a registered dietician on Diet Blog whose occupation and critique perfectly exemplify the real reasons why “experts” often dis’ veganism: fear, ignorance, and industry collusion.

“The main problem I have with this book,” German writes, “is that children are impressionable, and this is too sensitive of a topic to have a child read this book.”

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